Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kiha 58 and Kiha 47 Meeting at Okoba Station

According to most sources, there used to be both local and express traffic on the Hisatsu Line. The local traffic is still carried by KIHA 47s and KIHA 140s (the famous Isaburou-Shinpei trainset), and the express traffic used to be represented by the Ebino express, i.e. KIHA 58 in white with blue stripe ("Kyushu") or special blue livery. It is also clear that since the express service through the Hisatsu Line became discontinued, the train meets at the picturesque Okoba station do not happen any more. To my surprise, however, the video hereunder is dated November 2008 and proves that the train meet at Okoba still happens, at least from time to time.

The video shows KIHA 58 at the upper portion of the loop, at the switchback, meeting with KIHA 47, and finally leaving the scene via the lower station exit.


  1. Awesome! That's a great video: It really shows how operations at Okaba work. I couldn't quite figure it out for myself. The meet looks like a fun bit of operations to model, too.

  2. Thanks for the comment, that's exactly how I figured out these operations myself. Indeed, searching in Japanese has produced marvellous results, I'll post other videos soon.