Thursday, November 13, 2008

Modelling Okoba Station

So, here comes the first attempt at squeezing the magnificent Okoba station in some modelling environment.
3D View

Track Plan

Far from ideal, of course, but nevertheless a nice start.

What I like about this plan:

  • It is relatively compact, would nicely fit on my Ikea 75cm table plus extension
  • Only Tomix set A+B is required for the whole thing plus 3 switches
  • Incorporates all the features of the prototype station and even has space for blooming plums
  • The station tracks are long enough

What I don't like about this plan:

  • No continuous running
  • No staging areas (should consider using more track)
  • Needless waste of space, whole rectangular blocks can be cut off
  • The upper zig-zag track is only 280mm long, will exclude anything longer than two car DMUs

What to consider in the next version:

  • Diagonal placing
  • Longer holding tracks
  • Staging yards at both ends or continuous operation.
  • Possible connections for on-floor operation or another module


  1. There is one other consideration: To get a solid 55-60mm vertical clearance between tracks, how steep will the big loop have to be? I can't make out what radius track you're using there, but you don't want it to be too steep. That said, I've found that I can run pretty long EMUs up a 4% grade, but it does look a little funny. Anyway, just make sure the trains you will run can climb it.

    Other than that, I think you are on a good path, and I look forward to your next revision

  2. I used C280 pieces for the loop, though probably it needs to be enlarged. However, the real thing does look funny, because the gradient is significantly steeper than on most of other railways. Suppose I'll try to get a couple of track raiser sets from Tomix and see how steep the loop could be made.