Friday, November 21, 2008

Trackplan Version 2

Another couple of hours of work, and voila, the second version:

As usual, only Tomix track is used, though in order to complete the loop and the lower entrance I had to apply "generic flex" elements, otherwise the loop won't close, I wonder if it is me, Tomix, or RailModeller to blame. The main idea behind this version: if you don't know how to place one station, add another one and see what happens. Well, the result is generally satisfying.
What I like about this plan:
  • The layout of Okoba station almost exactly replicates the real thing.
  • Track length is enough for several-car-long trains, there is place for further expansion if needed
  • There is also a second station, which theoretically gives trains a purpose to travel
  • You can operate, i.e. arrive from the lower entrance, switch back, pass through the loop, stop at Yatake, then have a good ride along the sides, or you can just drive in circles for the sole pleasure of movement.
  • Yatake is not only a station, but also a village. So, finally a place to display some 1:150 scale houses!
What I don't like about this plan
  • It is huge, definitely no place for another couple of tables at home.
  • The lower right angle is just an empty place. 
  • There is still an impossible elevation at the lower left angle.
  • Overall, this is definitely not a beginner's project
What to consider in the next version
  • Consider adding a switchback to the lower section to accomodate elevations, may take a form of a station.
  • OR cut the whole empty section away to reduce area.
  • Reverse the direction of under the loop switchback, will provide some additional length.
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  1. What radius curve are you using for the outer loop? You shouldn't need odd lengths of flextrack like that. Likely the culprit is the odd geometry of the curved turnout. I think in this case, you would want to use the 317mm curves for the outer loop (except with the curved turnout which takes two 280mm curves to complete it), and then you will need 2* 18mm straights along the top to complete the circuit.